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Quality commands respect

Quality commands respect

In most companies there is a continuous culture of driving down costs, and although this is very understandable, it can have negative consequences. We can be so focused on costs that quality gets compromised: a thinner paper is used for letterheads, business cards are digitally printed on 200gsm stock, signage gets made from basic flat dibond material, product photos are taken by someone in the company with a ‘good’ camera, and so on. We have forgotten the subtle effects that quality has on those who meet with it, whether employees or customers: quality draws, and quietly commands, respect – it just does. A culture of quality in a company will ultimately prove better for the company’s financial position than a culture of finding the cheapest prices. Of course you can’t spend money you don’t have (unless you’re into borrowing) but in many organisations money is not the problem, it’s the culture. A primary focus on low costs is a negative value. Instead a culture of wanting the best for the company and the company’s clients is a positive value, even if it is not always possible to have or provide the best.

A company that thinks quality at all levels, within its means, will discover that it pays off in the end.