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Watford Logo Rebrand

Along with many others we were invited to take part in a competitive re-design of the Watford FC logo. We lost 4000-nil, for 4000 was the number of entries into this competiton. The traditional mascot of Watford FC is the hornet, even though for many years they have used a hart (go figure, something to do with Hertfordshire). The brief required the use of a hornet this time. Whilst there were many better designs than ours, we were very surprised at the final designs that were put before the fans to choose from. Surprised because most of the designs were very detailed and busy, not at all aligning with modern logo design principles. And that’s the thing about modern logo design, it has to be supremely flexible for all the possible places where it might have to be shown.

So which design did the fans choose?

The old one. They preferred the existing design. This just shows what happens when you get a committee to make these decisions instead of someone with a vision. Watford screwed their chance to update, now it won’t get looked at for at least 15 years and they are stuck with a misrable looking hart with an unfortunate likeness to the Baphomet.

Design Agency: Design Jazz Limited, UK
Art Director/Designer: Alan Muscat