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Omega HR

Omega HR aim to provide clients with the best outsourced and supported HR services for their clients: individually tailored, pragmatic, flexible, local, and at a cost which is viable. Sounds like they could have written that themselves – which, in fact, they did as we plucked that sentence from their website, which incidently we created, from scratch, out of nothing. We took the photo of MD Lyn that you see on the website. The thing we can say about Lyn, founder and leader of Omega HR, is that she is throrough; I mean she will dot every i and cross every t, which is what makes her great at her job, but also made building her website a breeze. She wasn’t one those clients where you have to beg for content. No. It’s also why she had us take her photograph; she recoginsed that there are some things you need to leave to those with the talent to produce a thing of high quality, reflecting the level of quality that clients can expect from her and her partners. We also designed the company brand identity.