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Every £100 spent on design increases turnover by £225

Every £100 spent on design increases turnover by £225

2019That’s according to statistics gathered by The Design Council of Great Britain.

Sadly so many businesses just don’t get this. They only see the expense involved in design and not the benefit – the pay back. Often businesses use design just so that they are not embarrassed by what they let others see, or just so that they look ‘professional’. They are using design negatively when they could be using it as a means to fairly make a difference to their bottom line.

If you’d like to see the evidence for this and even more interesting facts on the pay back from using design then download: The Value of Design Fact Finder Report by the Design Council.

When the iPod came out and after that the iPhone, Bill Gates and many other pundits predicted that these devices could only be sold in low volumes due to their hefty price tag. How wrong they were. Steve Jobs and Jony Ive understood the power of desire, desire evoked through the beauty of design, whether interface design or a real objet de désir such as the iPod.

More prosaically, I have also seen a speciality sausage maker increase their sell rate massively (I forget the figures) by simply changing their packaging from a white label stuck to a plastic packet to a very nicely designed and printed cardboard belt what went around the same plastic packet. The sausages remained the same but the well designed cover now expressed the quality of those sausages and made you want them. That’s a really simple concept and most food manufacturers understand it very well, but sadly many companies in other industries just don’t apply the same principle to their product or service.

Use design to make money not just to save face.


Image Credit: Click to view lovely sausages