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Most of what appears here are unsolicited testimonials. Occasionally our clients provide us with a formal testimonial. Both are shown here.

Client Testimonials

  • Client: Clare Hendy - Birchfield School

I am loving the look of it so far. The BBC piece is total Muscat genius.

By the way, I totally love the ad Dee has done for me. Totally fab. She is one clever lady.

  • Client: Clare Hendy - Birchfield School

I love, love, love the advert. Thank you so much.

  • Client: Sophie Eades, Proprietor, Lilac Sky Photography, Marketing and PR

Many thanks for doing the leaflets for the Shropshire Guild, they do look amazing – a lot of great repsonses from Guild members!

  • Client: Richard Ashton, a Director: Theatre on the Steps

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the flyer! Fabulous! Fantastic! R.

  • Client: Clare Hendy - Birchfield Prep School

The Journal has gone out to current parents tonight and so far the feedback has been really, really positive. Everybody likes the new look, and it is great to have a publication I feel really proud of. I have crunched the numbers and the picture isn’t as bleak as I was fearing, largely due to your very competitive pricing!

I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on it, I know it hasn’t been easy doing such a mammoth publication with someone you didn’t know, but I feel that it has very much been a positive experience.

It looks great, I know you worked really hard on it, and you deserve all the credit. I am already collating stuff for next year!


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